Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors Were Never this Beautiful in Richmond Hill

Commercial Garage Doors

The most dependable local garage door service provider – ‘Richmond Hill Garage Door Service’ now proudly unveils its range of state-of-the-art garage doors for commercial settings.

Garage doors are a must at workplaces for the purpose of security. These places give shelter to manufactured commodities as well as the production machinery.

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Some Crucial Factors of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Panel Gauge – Panel gauge is measurement, construction and design tool for larger panels and doors. In fact, it’s more of a marking gauge than a tool without which the strength and the build of doors can’t be measured.
  • Steel Grade – Steel is incorporated extensively for the production of commercial doors. In order to grade different kinds of steel as per their chemical and physical properties, a grading system known as steel grade is used. Steel grade helps to choose the right quality steel for a particular door type.
  • R Value – R value is the amount of thermal resistance offered. In a commercial manufacturing setting, the temperature varies a lot. Thus, a door with balanced thermal resistance having R value between 13 and 17 is preferred.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Aluminum Doors – Aluminum doors can be availed in various patterns and finishes. These doors are suitable for places which need higher visibility and light from in-built windows.
  • Steel Sectional Doors – Steel sectional doors give you multiple choices for insulation and gauge. They are totally apt for sturdy built and rough handling.
  • Rolling Steel Doors – For smooth overhead roll up, these doors come fitted with steel strips. These steel strips provide rigidity to the door against any heavy impacts.

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