Garage Door Spring

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Garage Door Spring

Garage door spring is the most essential functional part of any modern door. If your door is acting sluggish and making weird sounds, the springs are the most likely culprit. But residents of the Richmond Hill don’t have to worry about their garage door spring issues. Our services are available at 24/7.

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What are Garage Door Springs and their Types?

Garage door springs basically share the entire weight of the door along with cable and pulleys. If there would be any wear and tear in the springs, the door operation is interrupted. Also, since these springs work under extreme stress conditions, they have to be handled with care. There are two types of springs that are generally attached to the doors:

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are attached above the closed door. Lighter garage door would need only one torsion spring. On heavier doors two springs are used. Two springs would provide more safety as in case one spring breaks, the another one prevents the door from falling.

When you have only one spring, you need to be more careful. If you are hearing any weird sound or door is taking a lot of efforts, call an expert immediately for garage door repair and replacement service.

Extension Spring

At the upper side of the door, you will find extension springs. These springs help the door to drop down with ease. Their name comes from the extension they undergo during the operation.

Maintenance of these springs is really crucial as you don’t want your door to bang on the floor. You need to keep an eye on these springs. If you see a imbalanced garage door, call our experts for immediate assistance.

Affordable Local Spring Repair in Richmond Hill

We, at ‘Richmond Hill Garage Door Services’ provide quick assistance for any type of garage door repair issue. We provide effective spring repair and installation service within your budget and for every model.

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